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Online Coaching Workshops 2017-2018

To live a life in harmony with the visible and the invisible, the conscious and the subconscious turns us into more complete human beings and expands our consciousness. During the next months I am offering you a series of Online Coaching Programs aiming to support you creating a healthier and more intimate relationship with yourself and the [...]

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Espiritualismo Virtual / Virtual Spirituality

*Portuguese version followed by english version bellow* Temos os nossos dias ocupados com trabalho e tecnologia. E todos os dias recebemos ou lemos idéias e pensamentos que nos inspiram. Na maioria das vezes acontece que utilizamos estas inspirações para mantermos a percepção da vida perfeita que não existe. A não que apliquemos estas mensagens na vida [...]

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O Medo Inconsciente da Morte/The Unconscious Death Urge

*Portuguese version followed by English version bellow* Um dos maiores desafios do homem é sem dúvida a morte e ver o seu fim chegar assim como a forma como tudo isso irá acontecer. Para quem perde alguém querido, fica a tristeza da perda, fica a incompreensão do tempo e do espaço onde tudo ocorre, da forma [...]

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Ajudar os mais Pobres / Helping the Poorest

*Portuguese version followed by English version bellow* Ajudar os outros sem ter em mente receber algo em troca é um valor espiritual com o qual precisamos nutrir a nossa alma. A missão de My First Baby Box é providenciar necessidades básicas às famílias mais pobres e seus recém-nascidos. My First Baby Box é um projecto social que [...]

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A Morte não é o fim da Consciência / Death is not the end of Consciousness

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Vida… Life…

By | May 7th, 2017|The World from my Window|1 Comment

Healing Asthma with Conscious Connected Breathing

It is a fact that breathing is good for your health. Not only it lowers your heartbeat and settles your nervous system, but it also allows to slow down the flow of constant thoughts, giving place to feelings. This is one of the main reasons why people look for places where they can meditate, breathe [...]

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The true meaning of Meditation

I have been in many meditation seminars and in all of them what people taught me about meditation was that the purpose of meditation was to stop the flow of thoughts. With time I understood that, to say this about meditation is very insufficient. Meditation for me is not about stopping the flow of thoughts, [...]

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What if… there are no Past Lives?

This has been one of the questions people ask for ages and ages: are there any past lives? From years of scientific research and inner research, mediation and breathing, asking others, listening, interviewing, reading and observing the environment around me, in my opinion, past lives do not exist. For me, we live different lives in [...]

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A Special gift for 2017!

What is the relationship between your birth and the way you relate with others? How about a simple Journey of Self-Exploration into your very beginning, your BIRTH? Who is you? What makes you feel, speak, think, react, love, and live the way you do? Would you like to know how your birth has affected your [...]

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