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"What is this wonderful sensation of love I have around my heart? There is a new beat, almost like a new presence in me. Am I manifesting love, or am I simply emanating love? It just happened. I did not ask for it, I did not go anywhere but inside me, to feel what I [...]

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We Are Not Separate!

Did you ever question why is there so much violence in some countries while in other countries people seem to be living an apparent peaceful life? I believe that in those countries where people seem to live a peaceful life, they actually live under some sort of emotional violence, some kind of hidden war, and [...]

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Parallel emotions

No matter what we do, what we decide, how do we know for sure we are deciding with facts of present time? Are there logical decisions? Most decisions involve the emotional and the subconscious, no matter what. How can we get the awareness of which past emotions are interfering with a present situation? How can [...]

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9 Journeys Home

(by Bob Mandel) This book is about Self-Esteem and building a healhty perception of ourselves and others. From Journeys 1 to 9, it guides you into news paths to those perceptions while giving valuable life examples, exercises and meditations for you to practice. At the end of each chapter, it also tells about the pitfall [...]

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Birth and Relationships

(by Bob Mandel and Sondra Ray) Because I also believe that life imitates birth and pure consciousness is our birth right, this is one of the best books I ever read about Rebirthing. It is about Birth Psychology and the imprint each type of birth makes into the unconcious mind of the unborn as well [...]

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