Picture1Did you ever question why is there so much violence in some countries while in other countries people seem to be living an apparent peaceful life? I believe that in those countries where people seem to live a peaceful life, they actually live under some sort of emotional violence, some kind of hidden war, and that violence and war is channelled in other countries like South Africa for example, where I live. I believe we are not separate from each other. I believe that if we live in a world of apparent peace but if we are having a hidden war with the others in our lives, then there will always be those who pick it up and bring it to the surface and show that face.

Picture3Our planet is intelligent, it is just like a volcano… pressure starts somewhere and then it explodes and spits out its fire and anger in another place. We are not any different! Could our planet be telling us how much we need to learn how to live a truly human life and accept the responsibility for our thoughts and actions? Yes, for me it is. I feel it is time to accept the responsibility of being human in all its dimensions and accept our interconnections.


Please don’t make the mistake by thinking you are separate from all of this and that it is not your business!

Consider, for one moment only that I might be right. That is all it takes to open one’s mind.

Caty, October 2015