It is a fact that breathing is good for your health. Not only it lowers your heartbeat and settles your nervous system, but it also allows to slow down the flow of constant thoughts, giving place to feelings.

This is one of the main reasons why people look for places where they can meditate, breathe and restore themselves.

Day-to-day life can easily disconnect us from our sacred places. We don’t know what we feel anymore, we tend to avoid problems, we avoid hard conversations, and we don’t listen to our deepest feelings and desires. We forget about ourselves and we postpone ourselves all the time. We want to deliver, we want to be appreciated for what we do, and we tend to forget who we are. We are not what we do. We are who we are. We are who we become with every thought, feeling, sensation and every word that comes out from us. And that, changes every time we give a different input into ourselves. Conscious connected breathing allows you to clear your body, soul and conscious mind and reconnects you to your sacred places:  where your body is healthy, your soul feels real feelings, and your spirit whispers to you great amounts of inspiration and love for yourself and for the ones around you.

When I started Rebirthing sessions and I got introduced to Conscious Connected Breathing, I felt so liberated that my body just wanted to continue breathing at home. I did that for about 30 minutes per day during 1 month approximately. I continued my Rebirthing sessions at the same time. My 4th Breathing session was the turnpoint of my life: I healed my asthma from which I suffered for 30 years. Conscious Connected Breathing allowed me to reconnect to my inner healer (which we all have), and restored the damages my breathing mechanism suffered when I took my first breath. After that session, I threw my oxygen pump away and never used it again. I never had an asthma attack since then.

When we are born and take our first breath, things might not happen prefectly, our breathing mechanism can be affected for the rest of our lives and our mind might get confused about the proper way to breathe. Then our life continues and we have difficulties breathing life, breathing our feelings and emotions, and all starts to pack inside us, our lungs can’t breathe anymore, we get sick, and we end up in the hospital once in a while, or carrying that life-saving pump from which we become dependent. Our fears grow and we go in, hiding our light from the world.

One of the main benefits of Conscious Connected Breathing is to restore the damages inflicted on our breathing mechanism the first time we inspired.

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