This has been one of the questions people ask for ages and ages: are there any past lives? From years of scientific research and inner research, mediation and breathing, asking others, listening, interviewing, reading and observing the environment around me, in my opinion, past lives do not exist. For me, we live different lives in different energetic dimensions. In those dimensions we do what we need to do and we live journeys towards a final destination: our own evolution as individuals, and the evolution of the human soul as part of a community. This evolution is about improving, it is about trial and error, about feeling what is good and bad for us, make better choices and find new ways.

Many people live in a memory of a past life mainly because they are avoiding their live challenges and most probably avoiding the “troubles” of relationships, of relating with themselves, and living in worlds of fantasy. What needs to be understood is that if it is past, it has found its completion, somewhere. There is no point for continuation. We do not dictate when life ends, and we do not dictate when life starts. Even when we conceive a baby, we never know if that baby will be born. It is not up to us. It is not our choice. Many people suffer from a syndrome called the “No decision syndrome”. This syndrome takes form when life calls you for a decision but you are too scared to take it mainly because you fear the consequences, and as a result  you start daydreaming and imagining how wonderful your life could be if this or that situation wasn’t in the picture. You get full of regret, remembering how wonderful your life used to be, never really taking charge for your results in present time and becoming paralysed within yourself. And finally, when problems are so big and overwhelming for us, we tend to escape from them and jump into false memories that boost our ego, making us feel important and appreciated. It works as a life-saving mechanism. In those false memories, everything great happens to us, our world is pink, full of butterflies, there is music everywhere, there are no problems, no adversities, and we are the heroes of our story. This is a great ideal, something to live for, but it is not the reality.

You might ask now: “What happens when I have vivid memories of times before I was born? What about when I have images coming to me that I can feel and smell in such precision that feels like I was there? What happens when I see myself there?”

I believe there are two answers to these questions.

1 – You are releasing an image from your subconscious that was stored at some moment in your life and happened outside of you, for example when you were watching a movie, watching people in a real life situation, when you read a book or saw a certain magazine. This image starts to be played in your mind, in front of you, like a movie screen, and you tend to believe in it as something real and you place yourself there. And why you place yourself there? Because that’s what we do: there is nothing within us that does not become personal. Let me give you an example: some years ago I started to see people around me that looked like they came from the movie “The exorcist”. It was so scary that I started avoiding going out. I was able to walk outside again the moment I realised that what I was watching was my own memories. I was doing a lot of meditation and breathing at the time and my mind started to clear from all the images it was implanted with. Other images came to me, as I was clearing my memory screen, and I understood at the time how those old images affected the way I perceived the sequence of events during most of my life. That happened because they were playing all the time without me knowing. Conclusions are that there is always a movie playing in your mind, there are always memories being released, all the time. Sometimes you feel them so strongly that you place yourself there.  But you must filter and choose what feels real and what feels unreal. You need to doubt, all the time what is happening inside of you, to what extent you are daydreaming or simply avoiding to embrace your life just as it is. And what is the filter here? Your heart. Ask your heart, and you will receive the answer.

2 – You are part of a greater memory, a kind of energy platform of humankind where human history resides. When we are born, not only we embrace our mother and father’s life stories and our ancestral’s stories, but we also embrace the world’s history. There are many stories people tell when they were in the crusades, or during inquisition, during the time of Jesus, the romans, Antarctica, the age of the dinosaurs… where they really there? In my opinion, no. They remembered only. Because we can go that far. Because each human being born receives all that heritage: the world’s history with its conquers and sufferings. And why different people remember different things? For me it is mainly because we can’t remember all and also because we choose to remember what is important for us and what we can deal with. Let me give you an example. The first time I went into a Yoga class I had a violent memory of a woman in a concentration camp, walking into a gas chamber. It was such an overwhelming experience for me that I lost my balance during that day and suffered a few falls. I kept asking if I was that woman… I could feel her, I could feel her heart, her suffering… I went to see different people at the time and most of them told me that memory was a past life of mine. But that explanation felt too empty for me. I kept asking in my heart for guidance. I understood I was not that woman and that was not a past life of mine, and that realisation kept me in a conscious and active place in me. I felt that somewhere, that woman was asking for my help. We crossed in a place where time did not exist and we embraced each other. I started to pray for her and at the same time I realised I was tuning into unhealed memories of the human history. Maybe this woman was the face of many other women who proceeded and followed her. After some praying and forgiveness my body came back to normal and gained strength again, my senses recovered, and I was able to go back to my normal life.