The world, as we knew it, has ended. Our lives won´t be the same, at least our generation. We will always remember these hard times and how the world was not prepared for this Covid19 tragedy. We are never prepared for tragedies. In fact, during tragedies we tend to go deep into our survival instincts and act out our deepest fears and hardships.




There is an urge to give birth to a New World.





How will you start again? What will you change? Do you want to go back to the life you had before? Most people want their life back just the way it was. Just like when you were a baby and cried night after night, because you wanted to feel the safety of being inside your mother’s womb again. You were not prepared… But you had the ability to survive and to adapt to what nature brought you every day. Every day was a day for discovery and new adventures. Every day nature had a new challenge for you. Did you survive? Yes. Did you need to adapt? Yes, every day, every minute. Did nature let you down? No, never. Were you afraid? Of course. So, now what? What are the solutions we have, so that we learn how to cope with Covid19?

For now, it is not important where it started. Let´s look at how it spread: moving people from place to place. So, what needs to be done?

ALL, we must all learn all how to live with less, when to stop, when to say no.



it has many new forms nowadays. It has taken many shapes and it is there, if you look deep enough.


If this crisis taught us, is that we all, individually and collectively CAN make a difference! We are all important. You are important and you make a difference.