Catarina Tropa

I am Portuguese born in Africa.

My life has been quite a journey with many ups and lows, and many lessons to learn… specially about myself and my roots.

When I turned 30 years old, I turned my life around and I restarted it almost from zero. I healed my asthma and my cigarrete addiction, found a house near the sea, made new friends, met my husband Luís, and became a mother of 3 Mafalda, Maria and Vicente. I started seeing myself and the world with different eyes, more happiness, compassion and tolerance towards others and myself at the same time.

With an engineering degree, right after I graduated from university, I became a consultant and auditor for companies, and did that for many years. Working with people and helping them changing their workplace was always a passion I had and still is. During those times, I also started reading about personal growth, helping people changing their lifes and changing mine at the same time. I teach what I have learned from my personal life experiences and researches.

I believe that it is possible to live a life that integrates spiritual and material worlds. In fact, I have learned that these worlds are not separated, but most of us have disconnected from this vision. I also believe, that once we see it again, than we have found our Inner Guru. This is what my work is about: helping people finding their centre of power, where there is pure wisdom and true leadership.

I offer Rebirthing Sessions, Coach Self-Esteem Programs, give Talks and Workshops.