If you are a company leader and if you sense that the emotional and motivational atmosphere in your company could improve, if you need support releasing the levels of stress and pressure within and wish to reconnect people to their power and productivity, than the programs I offer in this page can help you.

Motivational Management and Self-esteem

Every company needs a leader. And all leaders are examples people follow, just like a child who takes in his parents behaviours and imitates. Some of the most important qualities, among others, a true leader should have, are: be an example of humanity and prosperity, create visions which inspire others working for those visions, have enough technical and scientific knowledge of what they do, be a good listener, have the ability to sense people’s needs, and implement solutions when and where needed.

Most of us comes from homes where emotions were not acknowledged and where felt very uncomfortable when expressing them. If we don’t acknowledge what we feel, we will repress all in, use huge amounts of energy to keep all of this stored, and our ability to be present for work, life and relationships is affected enormously.

 catarina-1_1While working in companies for 10 years, I noticed that when something changes, for example a new project comes in, financial crisis hits the numbers, pressure for results increases, team leaders change, people are facing divorces, etc…, that they tend to feel unhappy, uncomfortable and above all, threatened wherever they are. Most people don’t have the ability to manage what they feel along these changes, and often the way they feel becomes the way they perceive others. This stops being a personal problem when it starts to affect productivity at work directly. It is when it becomes your problem, because starts affecting your company’s results. And that is the way it usually goes sooner or later. It is not possible personal unhappiness result in a company’s success.

Meditation and Breathing Coaching

It is a fact that meditation lowers the levels of stress in the body and reconnects people to their best abilities and full potential. When combined with conscious breathing, the benefits are even higher. Companies who practice it, mention some of its immediate effects:

Caty, training SA

people are more relaxed therefore the levels of stress have been reduced, there is more anthusiasm and energy, people smile more at their leaders, the hard work does not feel so hard anymore, we take time now to savour our accomplishments, business grows, people don’t miss work so much, our creatives are full of new and exciting business ideas, people don’t judge others so much, everyone feels more connected, work relationships are more conscious, more focused targets, and proactivity reaches higher levels. Stress can happen for many different reasons and if people don’t get the compensation for their best performances at work they feel thay should get, if they feel they are not listened, if they feel they don’t belong to their teams, then they will either quit their jobs (and that already represents a loss), or they will accumulate levels of stress that will show up at work, home, or in the body with heart beat acceleration, increase of blood pressure, the immune system gets compromised and our body starts to get sick. In one way or another all that amount of energy (stress) will need to find its way in or out of the body and can be dangerous and damaging (and often is). This happens to everyone and we all need to cope with this fact and find the right tools to deal with it. We all have a have a basic need and fundamental right to go deep into life’s connections and realise and accept the responsability that the quality of our presence creates impacts whithin and around.

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