Working with companies has always been one of my dreams and strong inspirations. I asked 2 main questions to some of my clients.

The first question was if they felt changes in their workplace, which were those changes, and the changes they felt in relating with colleagues at work and vice-versa. The second question was the benefits they feel any company could benefit from my coaching courses. I received very interesting impressions.

I noticed changes on the way I relate with my colleagues at work: I became more sensitive towards them and also more supportive. I advise this course in other companies because people grow.
Zintle, South Africa
I noticed changes from my colleagues towards me and I realised how I should not force things and rather let them happen naturally. This course can be of use in companies and help people become more aware about their behaviours at work and get a more accurate perception of who they are.
Anonymous, South Africa
Receiving the teachings of this program allowed the group I work with, to discuss things more and support each other more. This course can be helpful to other companies because it touches base with Self-Respect and that is important for any employee.
Anonymous, South Africa
I felt some changes the way I relate with others at work: I became less judgemental with my colleagues. If you are the type of company that finds value in investing in your staff, I advise you this course because when you invest in your staff, you are investing in the community that senses you.
Anwar, South Africa
Coaching a program like this in companies creates a human bond and humans are the most important part of companies.
Anonymous, South Africa
One of the major changes I noticed in the way I relate with my colleagues at work is that I now let go a lot of things that would normally get to me. Everyone has a place that needs some improvement and providing that space in a company can be beneficial.
Anonymous, South Africa
The Journey of Acknowledgement gave the team an opportunity to bond and a platform to work together was created.
Anonymous, South Africa
I became more empathetic with my colleagues at work. This course can be very beneficial and insightful if taught in companies.
Anonymous, South Africa

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