During pregnancy, the woman is being part of an event surrounded by miracles. She is bringing a new life to the planet and the quality of the 9 months she lives, will reflect directly on the quality of the birth.

All pregnant women should attend at least 10 Rebirthing sessions before they give birth.

Rebirthing is very important during pregnancy because a conscious birth is a birth surrounded by conscious choices. It involves not only physical preparation, but most of all, deep emotional healing of past unresolved issues.


All pregnancies activate women’s birth trauma. Rebirthing is a way to heal it. If left unattended, the mother´s own birth trauma can and will take some form of complication during delivery. Instead of the drama of dealing with complications at the most precious time which is the moment of the birth, it is possible to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Rebirthing is completely safe and strongly advised to all pregnant women.

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