I asked some of my clients from around the world to write about their experience from doing 10 Rebirthing sessions with me. They share something new they learned about themselves, the biggest changes in their lifes, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits they have experienced, and what they most enjoyed during their sessions.

With Rebirthing I learned that memories really are inscribed in my flesh, I felt it very concretely. I had flashes about my childhood that I didn’t even know existed anymore. I remembered times I really got scared as a child, deep breathing brought them up and I held myself there. I got also a great hold of the happy memories and ”good in me”, which is something open, happy, calm, honest and keeps existing no matter what happens around. I experienced a deep experience of something that I could call transcendental. It was a short but very pivotal moment after the last water session. It affected me in a very strong way and even if it was a very short and passing experiencing something like that may have a deep and lasting effect on a person. I became more aware of my bad habits and also about the pain I felt myself attached to. It didn’t go away like that (no magic tricks) but as I became more aware of it, I could start to change it little by little. I also became aware of the “power” of the body, in good and in bad, and how it affects the ways we experience the world. The last session was the highlight for me, when I went under the warm water, it was scary and painful but the feeling after it – I don’t have words to describe. In my novel “Taivaanmerkit” I describe this experience as something magical. I felt like there was no barrier between myself and the whole cosmos and we we’re one. It was as if I was only vibration. Like the cosmos would have been playing me and all the notes and tones would have been in the right place. (This may sound a bit hippie, but I really felt it so.). When I met her, I felt immediately that I could trust Caty and that she really listened to me. Specially Caty’s warm and serene style of being present. I felt we had a real connection. Caty opened a space for me where I could be completely open and honest.
Tiina, Finland
It was an amazing journey of self-discovery! I felt the process was well contained, with a beginning, middle and closure. By the end of the sessions, I was excited with the possibilities of applying what I had learned, and moving forward in life. I discovered many behaviour patterns I had that I was unware off. One of the biggest changes for me was how much I improved my self-awareness of past and present times, and forgiveness of myself and my father. The process also made me more empathetic towards other fellow human beings. The biggest benefit was that I became more serene and a better person to have around. I realised that I had a low self-esteem and it was affecting how I treated people around me. I used to make people feel bad about themselves because I felt they never met my quality standards. Improving my emotional makeup made me stop comparing people with me and accepting them for who they are. I recommend Rebirthing for every person. I think we all need this kind of process in our lives. I felt confortable having Caty as my Rebirther, I feel there was a relationship of trust and non judgement between us.
Sofia, Portugal
I uncovered a tremendous amount of information around the early years of my life and discovered a clear pattern between events that happened then and current challenges. It was exciting and fascinating gaining new insights into the early years of my life.The biggest change in my life was learning to really breathe through difficult moments, converting concepts like “first count to 10” & “breathe” from just good ideas to practical, usable techniques correctly implemented”.On a physical level, I finally builded extensions, renovations and spring-cleaning to create a better living and working space at my home. Mentally it was important because I created a clearer understanding and acceptance of tasks I need to do with more focus on my goals. Regarding my health, I learned how to manage asthma attacks and headaches with breathing instead of medication.I advise Rebirthing to anyone (and I’ve told several friends of my positive experience), because Rebirthing gave me the chance to have a greater awareness of the connection between past and present, and that is liberating, while bringing about positive personal changes and increased confidence for future endeavours.
Justine, South Africa
I learned that I have the capacity to control not only my body but also my thoughts whether they are positive or negative and that there are no limitations to what I can do to heal myself (contrary to what I used to believe before having Rebirthing sessions). I have a more positive outlook to my life and especially to my past experiences which were not too happy.The emotional benefits I received were releasing all those negative and scary emotions that I had withheld and that were bothering me in my subconsciousness and that came to the surface from time to time. Physically, I learned new techniques to breath from the stomach and relax and also associate the calmness of breathing to imagining situations in my life that needed closure or a solution.Talking about early episodes of my life was therapeutic for me. I would advise Rebirthing to my friends and other people since we all have something to release, something or someone to forgive and forget and feelings to let go and to embrace, and Rebirthing has taught me to do just that.I was looking forward to my sessions since it was a time and space during my day or week in which I could be with myself, find myself and also relax and release. That helped me cope with the stress of work and also have a positive outlook to life in general.
Ivette, Venezuela
I became more aware of the effects of my birth to my life and my perception of reality.The biggest change in my life was returning to the feeling of belonging to my family, to my community, to circle of friends vs. previous feeling of being left out. One of the main benefit I got was being able to overcome the belief that others do something to me and asking questions to skip the assumptions in my head to know more about them and their truth. Inside of me, I realized that it is often not about something being wrong with me, but different reasons on other person’s side. I reconnected with my criativity and started writing again. The most exciting part was the breathwork and feeling whole, centered and nurtured after my breathing sessions. I was looking forward to every session and the feeling after. I believe rebirthing can be a good complementary method to a person who is dedicated to conscious personal growth. I would say to a friend to go ahead if she has time and is ready for a long term acceptance, understanding and transformation. I loved the work on family tree as well, the whole structure of the rebirthing, and Caty’s professionalism just holding space. I found Caty professional and devoted to the process and strong to hold ground during breathwork. I could relax and trust Caty’s guidance.
Barbara, Slovenia

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