Life starts at conception. From the moment we enter the womb, a mental, physical and spiritual journey takes place, while absorbing an amount of emotional data from our mother’s environment.

As intelligent beings, we make the first choices and our personality starts taking form. Other elements are added to our personality, such as family situation, financial situation, mother and father relationship, friends, and other relevant experiences. At birth, we enter the world and live the first experiences outside the womb, while making more decisions concerning our personality, therefore future life and relationships.

Rebirthing is a breathing technique that helps you to remember and accept the choices you have made when your personality was being formed and while living 9 months in the womb and the first years of life. It allows you to see how big is the impact of those choices, events and experiences in your life at the present moment and how you can change the ones that most caused you a negative impact and conditioning.

Rebirthing is a very subtle breathing technique. It restores well-being and peace to mind, body and spirit. During the breathing, cell memories are activated and past events arise in mind. With it, the acceptance of yourself and your past and present life takes place, and inner peace is restored.

shutterstock_148417094Rebirthing can help you to make conscious decisions related to your self-esteem, sense of happiness, health, family, friends, career, money, relationships, and others.

Rebirthing also gives you clarity in your mind, connects you to creative thinking, awareness, sense of justice, consciousness, and helps you realize the dynamics you tend to create in your relationships, why you create them, and how you can change those dynamics.

During 10 sessions, I will lead you not only throught your birth story and support you to integrate it, but I will also give you mind consultancy, emotional support, and a safe space to help you reconnect to happiness and enthusiasm.

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