I asked for some feedback about my Self-Esteem Coaching Program to some of my clients. Some people wrote about the changes in the perception they had about themselves, the way they relate with others, the journey they most enjoyed, the most significant change for them and how did this course affect their lives and relationships.

These journeys were quite interesting. Some of the topics really stood out for me. I improved my perception about myself and I became more attentive on the way others relate to me. I improved the quality of my relationships. I enjoyed the Journey of Healing the Past the most because I received this journey at the right moment when I felt I needed to heal from a memory that I have been struggling with. I found Caty interesting and unique from other facilitators I have met before.
Zintle, South Africa
Challenging the constructs we set for ourselves is one of the hardest things we can do. The gentleness of these journeys made it more possible. I realised that the perception I have of myself is work in progress and how easy it is to slip into old (bad) habits. The journey that most stood out for me was Healing the Past: I had held a long grudge against myself for losing a time when I thought I was most happy. I felt good working with Caty. Caty was personally related with the journeys and I felt safe in the process.
Anonymous, South Africa
I truly enjoyed the new learning and restoration of my soul. This course enhanced my life and future. All journeys were really good, but the journey of the Divine in Others, and looking deeper at another person was the journey I most enjoyed. I definitely look forward to work more with Caty.
Anwar, South Africa
This program was very helpful and it taught me a lot about myself and others. My perception of myself and on the way I relate with others changed in me because I used to be a very loud person and I would just say what came into my mind while now I consider the person’s feelings first if I say something. So I am more aware of other people. The Journey of the Divine in Others was the one I most enjoyed. I felt good working with Caty.
Anonymous, South Africa
Thanks for the learnings. They made me more open to new perspectives. I became more aware of myself and on the topic of love and hate while relating with others. The Journeys that stood out more for me were Acknowledge Others and The Divine in Others as I was able to see people beyond whom they appear to be. Caty was very thoughtful in her work as a coach.
Anonymous, South Africa
The program was very inspiring. I will do more visualizations in the future. During the course I became more aware of my emotions and learned to accept my childhood. All journeys were inspiring from the beginning to the end. I advise this program to anyone because it helps people to look back into their past and move forward in life peacefully. The journeys of The Divine in Others, Humility and Freedom felt special for me.
Anonymous, South Africa
I enjoyed the training with Caty. I could feel her passion for the work she does.
Anonymous, South Africa

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