This is a Self-Esteem Coaching Program I facilitate to individuals, couples and groups. In a very gentle and profound way, I will guide you into new and healthier pathways of relating with yourself and others from the most transformational, magical and powerful place: your heart.

These are some of the jouneys any heart can travel. It will provide you with tools for managing conscious changes in life, while motivating interaction from a constructive and proactive behaviour, instead of living in defense mechanisms and reactions. It is when people open their hearts to themselves and others that they will find the magic of life and its fine interconnections as well as themselves. This a journey home.
Self-esteemIn 10 Journeys, I teach what is Self-Esteem and how to practice it everyday for personal benefit and awareness, while creating also positive benefits to others around, healthier relationships, more happiness, love and trust in life and more confidence in personal choices. You will be able to learn, discuss, practice, live, experiment, explore and share the journeys of Self-Acceptance, Tolerance, Forgiving the past, Extend Support, Create a Positive-Self Image, Acknowledge Others, The Divine in You, The Divine in Others, Humility and Freedom. You will also learn about the traps for each journey, which ones you tend to create in your life, and empower you with new possibilities for yourself.

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